Utility Cupboard

Utility Cupboard

If you don’t have a utility room storing your hoover, mop & broom so that they are easy to get to & you don’t end up tripping over them can be a nightmare!

We have the perfect solution here at wye pine with our utility cupboard that has a handy compartment to keep your hoover, mop & broom etc in, and with fully adjustable shelves which are great for keeping all your cleaning products on so not only dose this cupboard look great it’s still very practical to!




If this utility cupboard isn’t quite right we do offer a bespoke service for an additional charge so if you require a different size or layout inside, more or less shelves we are more than happy to do this for you. We also offer a range of finishes, stains & painted colours please contact sales@wyepine.co.uk for more details. 

Date added: 27-08-2020 03:08 pm

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